29th and 30th of August 2013

Lightning Talks

HSR Design Track

HSR Tech Track

Speed Dating with your Users

@rlaemmler - Reto Lämmler

Streamline View Definitions for Responsive Web Design

@ebr76 - Esther Brunner

Wabi Sabi: The Beauty of Imperfection

@rachelnabors - Rachel Nabors

Long Distance Workflow & Tools

@MennoPP - Menno Pietersen

The beauty of Kanji

@Kaori_ino - Janina Woods

Responsive Table Layouts

@jng5 - Julie Ng

Gagnam Design

@webchaeschtli - Adrian Zumbrunnen

Build a HTML Presentations Directory in 2 Days - Slidedeck.io

@zufrieden - Marc Friederich

Dynamic Design - How to make stories more relevant

@visualcontext - Alain Leclerc

Test on *real* devices! Open Device Labs FTW!

@klick_ass - Andre Jay Meissner


Each lightning talk will have a length of 5 minutes. There will be aprox. 5 talks per track.
You will be able to submit your proposal on Thursday at the "Lightning Talks" sheet within the lobby.