Behind the scenes of FEC2013

With the «Frontend Conference Association» as organizer and legal body, we strive to develop the relationship and exchange between local and international professionals interested in frontend technologies and UX, hereby emphasizing the importance of the according fields and the relevance of Zurich as a major IT hub.

The «Frontend Conference Association» is a non-profit association, currently run by 7 web professionals from Zurich in their spare time. The web design community has been good to us and we think this is a good way to return the favor.

We see our conference as a community event and a great opportunity to meet and learn from brilliant people. That's why we try to keep ticket prices a low as possible to make an event that is affordable for everyone. On top of that we have a free live stream of both tracks and all talks and offer the videos online for free only a few minutes after the talks are finished.


*Frontend Conference Team*

  • Joël Bez

    Social Media


  • Sonia Cirillo

    Finance & Party

  • Angelo Dini

    Website & Design


  • Markus Leutwyler

    Sponsoring & Speakers


  • Matthias Meier

    Speakers & Workshops


  • Daniel Mettler

    Venue & Catering


  • Michael Schmid



A special thanks to the following contributors:
- Samuel Raymann - @samraymann - (Design) -
- Jonas Obrist - @ojiidotch - (Backend Support) -
- Benjamin Wohlwend - @piquadrat_ch - (Backend Support) -

And also our helpers:
- Stefan Bruggmann - (Video Streaming) -
- Dagmar Muth - (Checkin) -
- Anna Hanchar - (Checkin) -
- Boris Baldinger - (Photography) -
- Patrick Hodel - (Overall Helper) -
- Andreas Gruhler - (Overall Helper) -


History of the Frontend Conference Zurich - 3 years of great success

After two successful editions in 2011 and 2012 we continue our work of establishing the Frontend Conference Zurich as a leading conference about state-of-the-art frontend and UX technologies in Europe and as the leading frontend/UX conference in Switzerland. This event will be the continuation of a series of annual Frontend Conferences in Zurich.

The conference is an excellent platform for Swiss and European scientists, developers and designers to present their projects, latest research and technologies in the fields of Web technologies, Web design and UX/HCI (Human Computer Interaction). We'll offer an opportunity to network with and learn from peers and leading experts in their fields, appreciating contributions both from practitioners and academics likewise. Zurich, conveniently located in the heart of Europe, with the University of Zurich (UZH), Federal Institute of Technology (ETHZ) and other institutions of higher education and a strong and flourishing IT sector is an ideal place to establish this conference.